polished Brass lever handle/ after Victor Horta

This lever handle with its almost deco angularity is one that was discovered in the shop ‘Au Siffleur’ which is one of the undiscovered treasures of Brussels. In family ownership for close on 150 years, the shop (the name means ‘The Whistler’) is a treasure trove of historic objects in the up-and-coming Marolles quarter of the city. While the owners are eccentric, the shop itself is an Aladdin’s cave of retro treasures. This lever handle, with its triangular patterning, was found there and is believed to be contemporaneous with Victor Horta. While the original is in polished brass, the design can also be made in all the standard izé finishes.

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  • Total length of plate : 265 mm
  • Width of plate : 40 mm
  • Thickness of plate : 4 mm
  • Projection : 70 mm
  • Length of handle : 102 mm
  • Finish : Available in all izé finishes
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