polished brass door hook/ Victor Horta

This gloriously sinuous coat hook is believed to have been designed by the great Belgian architect and designer Victor Horta. The design was discovered in a shop, ‘Au Siffleur’ which is one of the undiscovered treasures of Brussels. In family ownership for close on 150 years, the shop (the name means ‘The Whistler’) is a treasure trove of historic objects in the up-and-coming Marolles quarter of the city. While the owners are eccentric, the shop itself is an Aladdin’s cave of retro treasures, including this coat hook, of a design attributed to Horta. While the original is in polished brass, the design can also be made in all the standard izé finishes.

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  • Projection from wall : 158 mm
  • Length of coat hook : 86 mm
  • Thickness of coat hook : 5 mm
  • Finish : Available in all izé finishes
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