NEXXA lever handle/ Zaha Hadid Design

The NEXXA handle, designed by Zaha Hadid Design, is a radical rethinking of the idea of a lever handle. It sets the action of the handle proud of the door, with a range of rotating movement analogous to a ball and socket. Also unlike other lever handles, the position of rest is at an angle rather than horizontal. The design ethos of Zaha Hadid Design is embodied in the handle’s fluid geometry lending a sculptural quality to the object. The handle is available in all the standard izé finishes, and also in a range of special finishes selected by Zaha Hadid Design.

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  • Length : 220 mm
  • Width : 28 mm
  • Projection : 70 mm
  • Rose length : 117 mm
  • Rose width : 48 mm
  • Finishes : available in all izé finishes
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