La Tourette Aerator handle / Le Corbusier

The La Tourette Aerator handle, based on one used by Le Corbusier at the Dominican priory of Sainte Marie de La Tourette (and on other of his projects), has a solid, simple but satisfying action. If we are to open the door the face-mounted lever moves upwards and when closing the grip of the lever under its own weight without a spring uses its weight against the restraint of a hook to hold the door shut . The restrictor hook can be fitted two-ways: surface mounted externally or internally – depending on preferred option. Architect Andrew Todd designed this handle for his own Studio in France, using measurements from the original and enlarging it by 20 per cent. The handle is available with the original sizes and with the enlarged dimensions . Original finish was matt black .

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  • Length : 234 mm
  • Width : 21 mm
  • Square rose : 54 mm x 95 mm
  • Fixings : 4 no/visible for the roses, fixed dead for the handle.
  • Hook : surface mounted on the external side/or the internal side of the other door leaf with 2 no decorative dome head visible screws,dimensions are customised as per door mounting requirements
  • Finish : Available in all izé finishes
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