John Glew - izé Designer

Tony Fretton writes ‘John Glew’s practice and life describe the trajectory taken by many people who are highly active in teaching and introducing ideas into architecture, and yet who are perceived to be outside the accepted conventions of architectural practice… his creative desire and intellectual curiosity have created a cultured intelligence, which is his practice and which he brings to his work and to students. ‘In his architecture and his work collaborating with artists, Glew displays a sensitivity to the particular, to place and to everyday existence as it relates to live as it is lived. ‘His lights for izé display a characteristic attempt to find both poetry and function in a set of sparse, utilitarian but considered components. They present solutions for a range of applications often poorly covered by existing products, unself-conscious and elegant.’ Mark Pimlott has written ‘The work turns on the issue of attention to the World and its things… Glew’s position seems to be that there is pleasure and peace attained from the ordinary itself.’

John Glew products